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Maintain Federal Labeling

On 13, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Blog | By Admin

The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the issue of labeling foods that have been genetically altered, or modified. These foods are known as GE or GMO foods. The idea of GMOs in our food isn’t a new one. They’ve been in our foods for several decades. What is new is the attention they are getting and perhaps a strong consumer interest in the use of the biotechnology in our nation’s major crops.

But whether GMO foods should be labeled or not, it is not something individual states should mandate. Our organization does not endorse or oppose the issue of GMO labeling, but if done, it should be on a federal level. A state-by-state approach becomes costly to food producers and consumers, causes confusion, and is impractical. If any labeling is necessary, requirements should be done on a national uniform level. It simply doesn’t make sense to have one set of rules just for Vermont, which could put many of our businesses at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the country.

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